Fire Safety Regulations – Phase 3

Fire Safety Regulations to Come Into Force on 1 October 2023

The Home Office’s fire safety reform initiative will see the introduction of new fire safety regulations on 1 October 2023 that apply to all structures under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This is the third phase of the programme and is a significant step forward in ensuring fire safety in all FSO regulated properties.

Summarised, the changes are:

– Record Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) in full
– Only appoint competent individuals to assist with FRA
– Record identity of appointed individuals
– Record fire safety arrangements
– Identify and inform other responsible persons (RPs) with shared duties
– Keep record of RP information

This amendment requires the RPs of a building containing two or more domestic premises to provide residents with clear and useful information regarding the relevant fire safety matters of the building. These fire safety matters include:

– Risks to residents identified by risk assessment
– Preventive and protective measures
– Name of responsible person and their UK address for accepting notices and documents
– Identity of person assisting with assessment
– Identity of persons nominated for non-automatic fire-fighting equipment
– Risks shared by multiple responsible persons
– Any other matters specified in regulations by relevant authority

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