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Early warning of fire is an important part of keeping your business safe.

From fire signage to fire alarms and emergency lighting, our range of fire safety products will help you to keep your premises, customers and staff safe. Our team is here to advise you from initial survey to installation, making sure your business complies with all requirements.

We’ll work with you to understand your building layout and requirements and recommend the right fire alarm solution for you. As well as designing, supplying and installing fire alarm systems, we can help you to service and maintain them so you can rest assured that you’re doing all you can to protect your business.

The Smiths Fire engineering team also designs and supplies emergency lighting systems in line with current British standards and best practice. We can help you all the way from survey and installation through to servicing and maintenance.


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An aspirating smoke detector (ASD) system comprises a central detection unit that utilizes a network of pipes to draw air for the detection of smoke.

The sampling chamber detects the presence of smoke particles suspended in the air by sensing the light scattered by them in the chamber.

ASDs have the capability to detect smoke even before it becomes visible to the human eye.


  • Offers early, reliable alarm triggering for an advantage over regular smoke detectors.
  • Intelligent signal processing differentiate fire patterns from false alarms amidst dust, dirt, and exhaust gases.
  • Works securely and reliably in challenging environments with unfavorable air flows and limited accessibility.
  • Aspirating smoke detectors can be used from -40°C to +60°C.
  • Easy accessibility reduces inspection costs and allows maintenance without operational interruptions.
  • High modularity ensures a cost-effective and flexible solution tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • The ceiling ducts and aspirating points are almost invisible, and the detection unit can be discreetly installed.

According to Siegfried Bussenius’ statistics, 68% of damaging fires start from prolonged smouldering fires. Conventional smoke detectors have a key disadvantage: they only react to high smoke concentrations or increased temperatures, which is often too late to take action.

Sensitive aspirating smoke detection systems provide early smoke detection. With a high response sensitivity, constant aspiration, and a graded alarm-activation concept, they ensure early detection of smouldering and incipient fires. This allows users to respond to alarms promptly.


Providing clear visual instructions about what to do if there’s a fire will help people to respond to emergencies effectively. That’s why we offer a complete service from initial survey to supply and installation of standard or photoluminescent signage depending on your requirements.