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Smith's Risk Assessment

SMITHS FIRE has a wealth of experience in all aspects of fire protection. We offer prompt, professional and competitively priced fire risk assessments and provide advice and solutions
to all your fire safety management problems.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order requires all businesses have to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment of their workplace to ensure that people, processes and equipment fully comply with the new legislation. When lives and property are at risk you need to know that the advice you are being given, and the equipment you could be using are both reliable and accurately maintained. That’s why it pays to consult an expert and our many years of experience make us ideally placed to advise you on all your fire safety management needs.

The sole responsibility for ensuring fire does not
put lives at risk will rest with the responsible person. In most cases this will be the employer or a manager of an activity in a premises.

The responsible person will be required to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment of their workplace. This will include ensuring the safety of everyone on the premises, making sure that adequate training is provided and that all the facilities relating to fire fighting, fire alarm and detection systems, emergency escape routes and exits are adequately maintained.

The responsible person will need to decide whether they or another member of staff have the necessary knowledge and experience and are deemed competent to carry out a suitable fire risk assessment.

Our highly trained experts recognise that the
purpose of the fire risk assessment is not only
to protect life but also to protect property.
Minimising direct damage to business premises
will significantly reduce the loss of time and money that can occur following a fire.

ACT NOW to ensure fire risk assessments that satisfy the new fire safety legislation have been undertaken for your business.